Cat Grooming

Unlike the ever loyal canines that are easy to groom, when it comes to cats, well, you will need to consider a few important things. Firstly, cats groom themselves, but that is not really enough since they do not use detergent or shampoos, so you still need to groom yours. Secondly, a well-groomed feline is mostly free of pet dander that is so notorious for causing allergic reactions and thirdly, cats are harder to groom. This means you may have to wait until the cat is in a good mood. Mostly being a dog person but recently having acquired a new addition – a cat that my dog sniffed suspiciously until she lashed at their nostrils and earned their respect, I had to look for some fur cleaning tips for cats. I want clean fur rubbing against my legs. Here are a few tips that have come in handily for me for cleaning my cat:


Make it about play and fun

woman combing cat

What is your mood and most importantly, what is your cat’s mood? Believe me, I used to get sour at my cat when she would not stand still for grooming until a friend told me that the cat associates my bad mood with grooming and will do anything possible to avoid it. Today, I only groom my cat when I am bubbly and when I know that she is in a good mood too. This way, we enjoy it together. After a successful grooming session, I then reward her with a nice treat.


Make it short

No cat wants to stay in your hands for 25 minutes as you disturb its fur with a brush. Thus, you have to keep the grooming time short, not more than 10 minutes. Anyway, considering that cats groom themselves, this should be more than enough time.


Get the cat used to the idea of you touching it everywhere

Cats are so selfish they love petting all the time. But that is a good selfishness because you can use it to advantage. When playing with your cat, touch it everywhere – belly, legs, back, face, behind the ears, tail and so on. This way, the cat gets used to the idea of you touching it anywhere. This will pay off beautifully during grooming.


Brush the fur regularly

You can set a schedule and get the cat used to it. For example, you can brush the cat’s hair after feeding, a few times a week. If the cat has longer fur, that will need to be brushed more often. Cat fur is home to dander and other allergens which the cat will spread as he or she uses the couches, beds and other furniture. To avoid that, make a habit of brushing the fur regularly.


Bathing the cat

cat in a bucket

Cats hate water, but not when you do it lovingly. Fill the tub with a quarter of warm water and make the cat stand inside. Tubs are slippery, so place a grooved rubber mat inside for the cat’s feet. Using a spray hose, a jug or large mug, pour warm water on the cat’s fur, but avoid the eyes and ears, and then apply shampoo and rub it on gently for some time. Rinse the cat and rub it dry with a clean towel. After that, keep the room humidity low; remove the moisture from the air to keep the cat dry and comfortable.


Other grooming needs include clipping the nails, and then you are done. A cat with clipped nails is a safe cat as it cannot tear things.

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